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We Only Provide The Best Artists, So You Can Get The Best Result

Colibri Tattoo & Piercing is the home of the world’s best tattoo artists. Professionals who take pride in their work and work with the utmost confidence make up our team. 

Mike (Sheppard Location)


Irina (Downtown Location)

Fine Line Tattoo

Alessia (Danforth Location)

Realism, Illustrative

Luz (High Park Location)

Floral, Colour, Illustrative

Danna (Downtown Location)


Giti (Sheppard Location)

Semi-realism, Blackwork

Navi (Danforth Location)

Realism, Microrealism

Veronika (Downtown Location)

Fineline, Illustrative, Sticker Back

Onvitch (Sheppard Location)

Anime, Doodles, Colour Realism

Lua (Downtown Location)

Black and Grey, Dark Art

Fabian (Danforth Location)

Microrealism, Fine Line

Javier (High Park Location)

Blackwork, Semi Realism, Water Colour

Erin (Danforth Location)

Illustrative Black Work, Fine Line

Jasneet (Downtown Location)

Realism, Semi-realism, Geometrical

Melany (Downtown Location)

Fine Line, Illustrative Tattoos , Black and Red

Alla (High Park Location)

Fineline, Illustrative, Black and Grey

Marcos (High Park Location)

Traditional, Neo Traditional, Custom Tattoo

Pablo (Sheppard Location)

Dark Art, Illustrative, Black and Grey

Raha (Danforth Location)

Fine Line

Cass (High Park Location)

Stickers, Plants, Doodles

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